Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hey Teach finished

Over the weekend I finally finished my "Hey Teach". It took about 2 months from start to end - I started on April 9 and finished on June 14. Here's the finished product!

Hey Teach front view

I'm really happy with how it turned out. I love the colour, it's very vibrant. The yarn was Filtes King Kim by Needful Yarns, which I got on closeout from I still have a whole other bag of it, so I'll need to decide at some point whether I really want 2 sweaters that colour - might be a bit much! Overall I enjoyed the yarn, but I found it snagged pretty easily and when that happened it caused loose mini-threads to appear. A fairly minor issue since they weren't too bad to hide inside the work, but annoying nonetheless.

I got 4 compliments on it during the first wearing, including a "where did you buy it?". I love when people ask me that because it makes me feel that my hand-knit garment looks professionally made.

Next in line are some baby hats for my nieces. Once those are done, I'll have to figure out what's next for me. Maybe I'll unravel the diminishing rib cardigan and make something else from the yarn. Or I'm kind of itching to do a shawl, too - we'll see.


Stacy said...

Love it! Beautiful color on you

Carol said...

Hey, Sue.
Great cardie. Love the colour.
Would love to see it next time you come knit with us.