Tuesday, May 05, 2009


I'm on a business trip at the moment. I remembered to pack all my business clothes, but I wouldn't be me if I didn't forget something. This time it was my pajamas. It could've been worse.

At home we don't have cable any more. We cancelled cable a year or two ago because we felt like we were spending too much time watching TV. Generally speaking, this was a great decision. We still watch TV - we just watch it on DVD instead of live. It means we can watch all sorts of TV we didn't have access to before - like HBO shows and so on. And we don't feel stressed having to keep up with the TV schedule - we can watch what we want at our own pace. And if we want to binge on Entourage one weekend, well, we can do that too. :)

However, there's a serious lack of schlocky TV now. They don't tend to release reality shows on DVD when the season is over. So this means when I travel and suddenly have access to live TV, I watch these things. Last night was two shows on HGTV about first-time homebuyers (kinda boring, honestly), and CSI: Miami (my guilty travel pleasure... I normally only ever watch it on business trips). Tonight I watched Everybody Loves Raymond and now it's The Biggest Loser. I haven't seen The Biggest Loser before - I have to say, it's really bad. Maybe I'm just thinking it's bad because this seems to be the final episode, and reality shows seem to usually make their final episode really awful.

Reality executives seem to have this philosophy: We know our viewers want to find out who'll win the contest, since they've invested themselves in the whole season. So let's make the final episode 2 hours long, and include lots of introspection from all the contestants since we don't really have much actual content to fill the time. Yeah, that'll be good! Oh, and let's put in some product placements too!

Right now the contestants are cooking "Jennie-O turkey meatloaf", and they've only mentioned the Jennie-O brand name about 6 times, not obvious at all that it's a product placement. ;)

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