Sunday, May 17, 2009

My new obsession


Xbox launched their new 1 vs 100 game beta a few weeks ago in Canada, but I haven't been able to try it until this weekend. You can only play it when it's scheduled to be on - it's like a game show. So far I've played it twice, and I'm officially addicted. You know when you watch Jeopardy and yell out the answers? It's like that, only your answers are actually tallied and you get a score. During the beta, you can't win any prizes, but once it goes live they will have actual prizes to win (supported by advertising).

The way it works is there's one person chosen to be "the one". 100 people are "the mob". Everyone else (about 15,000 people at the two games I attended) is in "the crowd". Trivia questions are asked, with 3 possible answers. Everyone answers. If you're "the one", your goal is to outlast "the mob". Whenever someone from the mob answers incorrectly, they are eliminated. The one gets three "helps" to assist them, which are that they can trust the mob (they're forced to take the most popular answer from the mob), trust the crowd (similar but for the crowd), and trust the brain (where they're forced to take the most popular answer from the player who is performing best during the current round). If the one eliminates all the mob members, they win 10,000 microsoft points. If the one answers a question wrong, all the mob members who haven't been eliminated split the prize amongst themselves. In the crowd, the top 3 performers (you get points based on accuracy and speed) win a prize.

I was part of the mob once, and the rest of the time I was in the crowd. One cool thing about being in the crowd is they match you up with up to 3 other players, so you can see how they're doing and it makes it more fun because you have a mini competition amongst the smaller group. Even though there are no prizes yet because it's a beta, it's so much fun. I'm really addicted.

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