Sunday, April 22, 2007

The frog pond

So this morning, I was randomly surfing around, and I found someone's knitting blog (sorry, I can't remember who!). She mentioned she wanted to make Nothin’ but a T shirt. Since the warm weather is officially here (second day in a row of over 20 degrees!), I thought a T-shirt sounded like a great idea. So I clicked through to the pattern and discovered it uses Rowan Calmer. Which I have lots of, currently in the form of an ill-fitting branching rib pullover.

I got out my trusty friend the ball winder, set up my computer to play Cast On, and after a couple of hours, I had this:
Frogged Calmer

Free yarn! Woot! Let's hope this sweater turns out a little better than the last one did.

In other news, I recently acquired a new toy.

That's me playing DDR at my friend's murder mystery party, still in costume. The dress was floor-length (even in heels) so I had to hold it up off the floor in order to play. Everyone tried it. The funniest part was this one couple would play in tandem - one of them on the mat, and the other one behind, doing the moves as if they had a mat. The floor was really shaking! No permanent damage done though, I think. Writing about it is giving me the urge to play... think I'll go do that now. Happy Sunday!

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