Thursday, February 22, 2007

The house strikes again

We've suspected for a while that we had squirrels in the attic. We'd hear running, or scrabbling. But we always said "oh, maybe they're just on the roof". Poor deluded souls, we were. Last week, I was sitting at work, and the phone rang. Kenneth says, "There's a squirrel in the house and the cats are chasing it!". Apparently, the squirrel had managed to come inside the actual living area of the house, we think through a hole under the bathtub. It tried to attack him before it escaped back into the bathtub hole and disappeared.

So last weekend, we went on a mission - "Mission Squirrel Elimination". I crawled around in the attic looking for possible entry points.

Here's a very attractive picture of me doing so:
Me investigating the attic

I found the squirrel's toilet.
Squirrel poo??

Gross. You'd think he'd have the common decency to go outside for that.

I found 3 possible entry points, but the way the roof is, it gets ultra narrow towards the edges, which of course were where the entry points were. It's impossible to reach the edges with the holes from inside the attic. Outside, it's still very snowy and icy, so again, we can't reach them. We're talking a 4 inch thick layer of ice. We have to live with the squirrel until spring. We did block up the hole under the bathtub so he can't come into the actual living area of the house any more.

And in other news, the basement started leaking, thanks to the snowmelt we had the other day. Great.

I still love this house, but boy, is it ever a lot of trouble.

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