Monday, January 15, 2007

The one where we cut down a pole

So this lovely house of ours came with a 15-foot tall, 6" diameter metal pole in the back yard.

Here it is, in all its glory:

Huge pole in our back yard

The previous owners had originally put it up to hold a clothesline that ran from that pole in one corner of the yard, to some pulleys they had mounted on the house in the opposite corner of the yard. The diagonal opposite. So the clothesline basically covered the entire yard.

At first I was kind of charmed by the thought of hanging out my clothes to dry, but let's face it, I'm a modern woman who doesn't have time for such niceties. I get irritated when 3 of my shirts in the same load require hanging. So we decided the pole had to go.

Kenneth's brother suggested we buy an angle grinder to cut it down with. Actually he suggested we buy some Swedish word neither of us had ever heard before. He google image searched on the Swedish word to get a picture of a tool, that didn't look familiar to either of us. Then I used my deductive skills to figure out that it was an angle grinder.

Angle grinders range in price from $20 to $140. So we headed off to Canadian Tire to look at our options. This was quite an ordeal, since we had no idea really what to look for in an angle grinder. We sort of had one in mind that we'd seen on their website, but it wasn't in stock at the first store we went to. They did have one that was on sale for $20, reduced from $50, but it only came with one disk, and the one we had in mind came with 30 disks. So we trekked to another location, only to find they were also out of stock on the one we had in mind, AND they didn't have the $20 sale one either! So we had to go back to the first place, where we got the $20 one.

Then we went out in the yard, and Kenneth got to work.

Kenneth cutting down the pole

Sparks were flying everywhere! I wasn't able to get a picture but at times they were flying up to 5 feet away. He cut the pole while I stood nearby, watching to make sure he didn't kill himself, and providing moral support. After what seemed like forever, he'd cut almost all the way around the pole. We brought it down and it was still hanging on by a thread, so we twisted it back and forth to try and snap it. After we'd given up and Kenneth thought he'd have to cut it again, I gave it one last twist just for fun, and it snapped! So I claim all the credit for taking it down. :)

I don't have an after picture, but imagine the first picture without the large metal pole.

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ian said...

Ah, the joys of grinding. Five feet of sparks? The ones we use will shoot them five yards if you angle them right. At our old shop we actually set the lot next door on fire. D'oh!

There's something innately satisfying about the destruction you can wreak with a grinder.