Saturday, January 13, 2007

Knitting Update

I finally got off my butt and took pictures of some of my latest projects.

I did not take pictures of the Branching Rib Pullover, because it hurt my feelings. I spent a year knitting this thing (well, I must admit it was on and off, but still). I washed it and laid it out to dry before assembling it. It is way too big. I'd need to gain 50 lbs to be able to wear this thing. And I'm just not THAT devoted to this sweater that I'm willing to do that. So now I will have to rip the entire thing out and start again.

Here's a hat I knit for the Dulaan project:
Not your grandma's double-knit hat Not your grandma's double-knit hat

It was my first attempt at double knitting. Both sides of the hat were knit at the same time, by passing the yarn back and forth. This results in the inside of the hat having the same design as the outside but in the opposite colours. I love the effect. You can tell this is my first attempt, though. The stitches aren't as even as I would have liked. But it should keep some Mongolian kid's head warm, and that's the main thing.

I joined Socktopia, which is a knit-along for socks for the year 2007. This will be great for me, because Kenneth went nuts at Christmas and bought me enough sock yarn to keep me in socks for quite some time to come. They have a theme for each month, and you are supposed to knit a pair of socks that corresponds to the given theme. This month's themes are either:
  1. Celebration
  2. Blue Monday
  3. Snowflakes and Starry Skies
The socks I have in progress seem to fit none of these categories. Here are a few pictures of the first, nearly finished (just need to graft the toe) sock:
Modeled Cable & Eyelets sock Cable & Eyelets sock cuff Modeled Cable & Eyelets sock, top view

It's not blue. It doesn't involve snowflakes or stars. The only way I could possibly think to make it fit the theme would be to say I'm celebrating the fact that it's finally done! But the 2nd sock still hasn't even been started. I think I'm not going to use it for Socktopia, but rather, will knit some socks for the Dulaan project out of some leftover blue yarn I have from a pair of socks I knit for myself.

I love this pattern, though. I think it would have looked better in a solid yarn rather than a variegated, but oh well. It's from a vintage Paton's Beehive pattern booklet I had lying around. It's kind of strange... when I was knitting before, I never knitted socks. At least not with sock yarn! I knitted socks once with chunky-weight yarn, which is a whole lot easier and faster. So why did I have this old booklet (looks like it's from the 60's) on socks? I certainly never knitted anything out of it.

The yarn is Shelridge Farms Ultra Fingering, 100% wool, and custom-dyed in a colourway I invented. I guess I was hungry when I ordered it, because the 3 colours in the colourway are Pumpkin, Nutmeg, and Toffee. It looks yummy, even if you can't eat it!


jacquieblackman said...

Nice stuff!

ian said...

I love knit hats. I still wear the Cunning Hat you made me when writing.