Thursday, November 23, 2006

I had $11,329 in my cubicle today

At work, I was in charge of one of our United Way fundraising events. This event raised about $47,000 for the United Way, $11,329 of which was in cash. And all of which was in my cubicle for several hours today, until I could get it to the finance person to go deposit it in the bank. Let me tell you, it's kind of stressful having $11,329 in cash in your cubicle. And kind of cool holding it in your hands.

And, unfortunately, when I handed it in, the number the finance person came up with was $200 short of the number I got. I don't know whether the $200 was stolen out of my cubicle while I was in the washroom or whether I just mis-counted. The thing is, I counted it twice. And when I went to lunch, I took my key with me so nobody could steal anything. I just wish I knew what happened. If I mis-counted, that's OK. If someone stole it, that's not OK. And I don't know which is true. Either way, we're $200 short and that will just have to do. No point stressing over it now.

At least we raised a lot of money for the United Way.

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ian said...

I think that's around the most cash I've ever held at one time - when I was a 7-Eleven store manager, we took in that much on one Christmas. It's amazing the power cash can hold over you. That's why I hate the latest Visa Debit Card commercial where the guy in the mall gets crusties from everyone for DARING to pay for something with cash.

Cash is king.