Thursday, November 30, 2006

Measuring the speed of memes

A blogger who's also a grad student is doing an experiment to measure the speed at which memes spread across the blogosphere. He's asking everyone to post a link to his plea: and then to ping technorati so he can measure it. I think this is an awesome experiment (hey, if I'd gotten to do experiments like this, maybe I wouldn't have dropped out of grad school), so please play along!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Walking in the Clouds

My walk home from work today was interesting. My MP3 player died the other day, so I was walking in silence, instead of listening to the "Pride and Prejudice" audiobook, as I've done every other day I've commuted. (I'm dying to know what's going to happen, too!)

It was really foggy. So foggy that I could actually see the wind blowing the fog around. This gave me the impression I was walking home through a cloud. It was very cool.

On my way, two fire trucks passed me, both headed towards my house. Is it just me, or is it impossible not to think, in some small way at least, that your house may be burning down if you see fire trucks headed that direction? I spent some time in contemplation of the consequences of my house burning down. Oddly, I didn't even consider my yarn. I did consider that the receipt for my MP3 player would burn up, and I wouldn't be able to get it fixed under warranty. But then I realized that insurance would buy me a new MP3 player, so that would be okay. And I considered the cats, of course.

When I got home, it wasn't burning.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

I had $11,329 in my cubicle today

At work, I was in charge of one of our United Way fundraising events. This event raised about $47,000 for the United Way, $11,329 of which was in cash. And all of which was in my cubicle for several hours today, until I could get it to the finance person to go deposit it in the bank. Let me tell you, it's kind of stressful having $11,329 in cash in your cubicle. And kind of cool holding it in your hands.

And, unfortunately, when I handed it in, the number the finance person came up with was $200 short of the number I got. I don't know whether the $200 was stolen out of my cubicle while I was in the washroom or whether I just mis-counted. The thing is, I counted it twice. And when I went to lunch, I took my key with me so nobody could steal anything. I just wish I knew what happened. If I mis-counted, that's OK. If someone stole it, that's not OK. And I don't know which is true. Either way, we're $200 short and that will just have to do. No point stressing over it now.

At least we raised a lot of money for the United Way.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Well, we've moved

It's been 4 weeks since we moved in, and we still aren't totally settled. But we're getting closer.

Today there are strange men in my basement installing a new furnace for us. The old furnace was really old, and really inefficient, so we're upgrading it. Here's the old one:

Assorted 170

It's hanging out in the front yard, waiting to be taken away. Thank goodness the cost of a new furnace includes taking away the old one.

The furnace men told us it would take a couple of hours to install the new furnace, and they've been here for almost 5 hours so far. I think they must have run into some unexpected problems. I just hope it all turns out okay!! My feet are cold.

And now I will share some photos of our lovely (heh!) new bathroom.

Main Floor Vanity Main Floor Bathtub Main Floor Toilet

Note the lovely puke-yellow fixtures. When we moved in, the vanity was really filthy, but now that it's clean, it looks a little better. Still, not something we want to live with for the next 5 years. Plus, last weekend, I discovered that the bathtub was leaking into the basement ceiling, which is not something we can really allow to go on. We taped up the leak with some "Magic Tape" - that might not be its real name, but it's designed for that sort of thing, anyways. It's not leaking now, but some half-assed tape isn't exactly a long-term solution. So now we need to start shopping for bathroom renovations. Ugh! I mean, it'll be great to have that bathroom renovated. The tile floor is loose and everything is yellow. But I don't look forward to interviewing the contractors, and deciding on all the new stuff to put in, and having it actually renovated. Nope, not at all.