Friday, October 13, 2006

I now own two houses

For the next week and a half, anyways. We got the keys to the new place today! Very exciting. The floor guy is supposed to be bringing the flooring over tonight so it can acclimatize to the house.

I have to admit, I'm having a little bit of fear that we won't like it there. That our stuff won't fit into the house the way we expect it to. That the floor we're getting installed will be ugly. You name it, I fear it. And to add to the fear, we closed the deal on Friday the 13th.

We had a little excitement with the closing, because part of the conditions of our offer was that the old people would remove a bunch of broken-down old appliances from the basement. Our real estate agent went to check yesterday, and they were gone - along with the dryer we'd been expecting them to leave! And the washer, which apparently we didn't include in the contract, and our agent assures us was a broken-down old thing we wouldn't want anyways. So they're paying us the price for a bottom-of-the-line dryer, and we have to go out and pick out new appliances. On the upside, it will be great to have new appliances, but on the downside, we're kinda busy with all this packing and stuff - and now we have to go appliance shopping too?

Luckily our agent is giving us $1500 to spend on appliances, so we should be able to easily pick up a washer/dryer for that.

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peri said...

Good luck on the moving - I wish you both blissful happiness in your new home.