Friday, September 22, 2006

Painting myself into a corner

Well, still trying to sell the house. Nobody wants my lovely house! So we spent the past 3 days painting the basement to brighten it up a bit. We had previously painted it dark blue, to optimize the movie-viewing experience. But apparently people were complaining it was "too dark" so we painted it beige. Tuesday night was shopping and taping edges. The paint store people scoffed at us when we wondered if we'd need two rolls of tape ("I've painted 6 rooms and I still have tape left!" said the one girl.). So we bought one roll of tape, and ran out.

Wednesday night we primed. I'd done some investigation on the internet about whether priming was necessary or not. The general consensus was that it was, because we were going from a dark colour to a light colour. I have very bad memories of right after we moved into our current house. The previous owners had painted what is now our office, but for them was their daughter's room, Pepto-Bismol pink. I have nothing against Pepto-Bismol, but I don't think it makes for a very appealing room colour. We decided to paint it pale yellow. After 3 coats it was STILL looking patchy. We ended up having to buy a wallpaper border and install it at the top of the room because we could not get the top edges to look at all decent. So this time, we primed.

Thursday I took the afternoon off work, and we painted. The primer *really* helped. We did one coat and then went around and did a few touch-ups, and it looks great. I highly recommend priming.

I'd post before and after pictures, but we didn't take any.

We've also dropped the price a bit, and our agent is putting an ad in the Toronto Star, which has huge circulation, so hopefully that will help.

In other news, both Kenneth and I have gotten the same cold at exactly the same time. It's kind of weird. So rather than spending our weekend hiking, which was the original plan, we're thinking matinee movies (because there are open houses both Saturday and Sunday afternoons) and general vegging out.

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ian said...

I hope the paint and the ad makes a big difference! Crossing my fingers for you guys to get an offer...and feel better!