Saturday, August 26, 2006

IKEA funny

The latest IKEA catalogue arrived recently. Kenneth heard the DJ's on the radio talking about it, and pointed this out to me.

At first glance, it just looks like a happy family enjoying their IKEA furniture. But look closer.

The dog seems to be enjoying the IKEA furniture a little *too* much.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

My little brother is married!

I've been off work since Thursday. Monday is a holiday - that means I have a five day weekend. So luxurious!

My brother got married to his long-time girlfriend (Irene) on Thursday. Kenneth and I were the only invitees to the wedding, and we were only invited because they needed to have two witnesses to sign the papers. I feel quite honoured that we were the two people they selected to use as their witnesses, though.

It was a lovely wedding. They had it in a little non-denominational wedding chapel. The ceremony was completely religion-free which was what they wanted. Kenneth took lots and lots of pictures.

After the wedding, we went back to their apartment and found Irene's family had arrived for the reception (an hour early!). We hung out eating and drinking, while Irene's dad took lots of photos with his extremely high-tech camera. After about an hour, my parents arrived. More eating and drinking ensued.

Finally we all trooped off to a local wilderness area (actually part of the Bruce trail! It's going to be cool when we finally get to that part of the trail and see it again.) and took pictures by a waterfall. Unfortunately, it started pouring rain after about 10-15 minutes of picture-taking, so they didn't get quite as many pictures as they were hoping for.

Dinner was at a restaurant called the Old Mill. It was a little bit snooty. Several amusing things happened. We had 2 waiters, we'll call them Snooty Waiter and Nice Waiter.
1) We had been drinking chardonnay and someone ordered some pinot grigio. So Snooty Waiter came around asking everyone if they were going to have any pinot grigio, and if they said yes, giving them a fresh glass for it. Irene's sister said "I don't mind using the same glass", and Snooty Waiter just said "No." and gave her a fresh glass.
2) Kenneth ordered the pork, but they brought him the ribeye. Snooty Waiter basically accused him of forgetting what he had ordered. Kenneth replied with "I don't even eat beef, so I know I didn't order it!". After a few minutes Nice Waiter came along and apologized, saying the buttons for ribeye and pork were right beside each other on his touch-screen, and he must have pressed the wrong button. Snooty Waiter appeared to be upset with Nice Waiter for having made this mistake.

I was also mildly amused that they left our wine bottles on the sideboard, instead of on our table. This meant if we wanted more wine, we had to call over a waiter and ask for it, instead of being able to help ourselves. I did not view this as a feature.

They also kept forgetting who had ordered what. If you're going to be snooty, you should have flawless service to make up for the snootiness, in my opinion. However, the food was absolutely delicious, I can't fault them there! Mmmmm.

Anyways, enough restaurant review. We had a nice time at the restaurant, and then there was a cake ceremony at the apartment afterwards. We then drove back home.

Oh, I forgot to mention, we also dragged our bikes and hiking gear all the way to Hamilton for the wedding. The thinking was, we'd continue from Hamilton to Niagara where we would do a day or two of hiking (Hamilton is on the way to Niagara, over halfway in fact, so it made sense). But we realized when we arrived in Hamilton that we'd forgotten to pack our raincoats. It was raining. It wasn't calling for rain the next day, but you never know - and we would have had to pay $100-ish to stay in a hotel in Niagara, only to find out we couldn't hike because it was raining and we didn't have our raingear. So we decided to cancel the hiking plan and just return home. People kept asking us why we had our bikes on the car and we kept having to explain the whole thing.