Saturday, July 15, 2006

The sun'll come out...

Soleil is finally finished! It's blocking as we speak. When I tried it on pre-blocking, the lacy edge was rolling up. But after it went through the wash, it looked like it didn't even need blocking to stay unrolled. Just drying it flat should do the trick. But I decided to block it anyways.
I think I'm pretty happy with it. The crochet edging wasn't as hard as I'd feared, and it really made the neckline more decent. Pre-crochet, the neckline was rather revealing. I was thinking I'd have to put in a lace panel there to make it decent for work. But post-crochet, I think it's just fine. I can't wait to try it on again after it's finished blocking.

In other news, my brother-in-law just sent me my Christmas present! It had been back-ordered and then the company forgot about him, and he forgot he'd ordered it. But it's all sorted out now and it's here.
It's a Norwegian book of patterns - it has mittens, gloves, socks, stockings (above-the-knee socks), hats, and scarves. I posted pics of a few of my favorite patterns from the book at Flickr - here's the pic that turned out best:
Selbustrikk scarf
If you click through to Flickr on it, you can browse back and forth to the other pics I took from the book.

I just love these patterns. They're so intricate. Some of them really crack me up, though - they have above-the-knee stockings labeled as "Men's stockings". Um, yeah. My husband would love that. He said "You don't know the Norwegians!" when I mentioned it to him as being funny. I guess they're part of the Norwegian traditional outfit, but it still cracks me up to think of men wearing them.


Sneaksleep said...

Oh, I've been meaning to knit Soleil as well. Have you worn it yet? How's the fit post-blocking?

Sue said...

It fits well! I did have to shorten the straps about an inch or so compared to what the pattern called for, though. Otherwise the V-neck and armholes were way low. Luckily, there was enough length in the body that this didn't cause a problem for me.

I'd have to say this pattern was a winner. My husband even said "It doesn't look knitted!", to which I replied, "well, it looks knitted", and he countered with "it doesn't look homemade". LOL.

museknits said...

I love your Soleil! What yarn did you use? I think it looks better in a light colored yarn, the lace just pops out!

smug sheep said...

Soleil looks very pretty, I'm sure you'll enjoy wearing it. You've even got enough time left to cast on for another amazing lace project!