Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Finished Bobblicious and SP Gift!

I finished Bobblicious quite some time ago, but I've been lazy about getting my husband to take my picture wearing it. I finally got around to it today. Here it is! It was his brilliant idea to take my picture in front of a mirror, so you can see front and back in the same shot. Pretty snazzy, eh?

The cats also like Bobblicious.

In other news, when I picked up the mail today, I had a packet from my secret pal from the Knittyboard Summer Fling secret pal exchange. She (I presume) sent me the absolutely cutest card EVER, and a lovely lace knitted bookmark. Hey, pal, if you read this, did you make that card yourself? It's one of the best things I've ever seen!

I wish I was a bit more social, sometimes. I trekked all the way downtown to go to AmyKnitty's "Leap" party, to celebrate her quitting her day job and working full time on Knitty. I had also heard that something my secret pal wants might be available there, so I had 2 reasons for going. I got down to the area about 40 minutes early, so I went to a restaurant and had a fabulous vegetarian meal at King's Cafe. Generally one should arrive late to a party so as not to be alone with the host, so I wasn't worried when I saw it was a little after 7 by the time I finished eating. I strolled over to Lettuce Knit and found that it was already PACKED with people. They were all chatting amongst themselves, and I didn't know anyone. I stood there for a bit debating what to do, then I decided to go shopping. I went inside and found something cool for my secret pal, which I successfully purchased. :) And then I went home. It was still a good evening, but it would have been better if I'd had the nerve to say hello to any of the people like I was kind of hoping would happen when I headed down there.


Margot said...

Sorry that the party wasn't as much fun as you'd hoped. Maybe this was practice for the next one!

Nice job on Bobbalicious. And you have a very sweet pal - love the bookmark.

Anonymous said...

So glad you like the bookmark and card. They reached you in less than a week.

Yes I did make the card. We used to knit on cocktail sticks when we were kids and make them into brooches.

Your main parcel is almost ready to go.....just a couple more bits n bobs to add.

Spuddsbuddy - where today it is foggy in the veggie patch of life ;0)

Rain said...

Cool photo, it looks good on. You definitely get Kitty's approval.

jacquieblackman said...

I also arrived a wee after 7:00 to the party and was blown away by how many people were there. And like you, I knew no one. And everyone seemed to already know everyone, so it didn't seem that social. A few friends showed up and then we headed off because we didn't have a place to park ourselves. Anyways, you should come out to the Spotted Dick to knit and mingle. Next meeting is the 14th. Check out Knitty/blog's sidebar for details.

BTW - Bobbalicious looks great! Good work!

ian said...

Ok, I'm totally curious what the little stickers are on the door behind you.


chamomile said...

Your bobbalicious is beautiful! Great job.