Sunday, June 11, 2006

Bruce Trail, part 2

Carved stump, originally uploaded by spudd.

The weekend of June 3-4, we completed our second leg of the Bruce Trail.

Saturday was very rainy - it rained almost non-stop the whole day. I was feeling okay in my breathable raincoat but Kenneth was miserable (he brought a raincoat, but neglected to put it on - and then once he was soaked he decided there was no point to putting it on). We stopped a little earlier than originally planned (about 3K earlier). This put the end of our leg at a mall. Yes, the Bruce Trail goes right past a mall.

Sunday was gorgeous hiking weather. It was sunny and warm, but not hot. We found this cute stump. We ended up walking further than we'd originally planned for Sunday, but were 2K short of our goal for the weekend.

I'm thinking of buying a bike rack for the car so we can take our bikes next time, and ride our bikes back to the car after each leg instead of having to call a taxi. This time the taxis were actually good, but you never really know if the taxi will know where you are, and it's a bit nerve-wracking.

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chamomile said...

Hi there. Very nice blog! I'm also a Bruce Trail hiker, and historian! (I'm currently writing a history of the trail and Escarpment.) I'm a also a knitter, so seems like we have lots in common!