Thursday, May 25, 2006

Next Time, on the Amazing Lace

Spudd is a 33 year old computer geek from Canada. She's been training for the Amazing Lace by hiking the Bruce trail and knitting Bobblicious, neither of which seem extremely relevant. So far her fitness and knitting skills haven't improved much, but she does have some cool accessories. Will her partner have to pick up all the slack? Her team-mate is Soleil, who will be knitted from Elann "Endless Summer" Collection Sonata, in a very fetching pink pearl colour. Soleil hasn't been started yet, in fact, the yarn was just ordered today. Will it arrive in time for the race? Only time will tell!

1 comment:

Stuntmother said...

No tiny obstacle like the postal service can interfere with your success! Pink rocks! Go Spudd!