Saturday, April 15, 2006


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Skadeglädje is a Swedish word which means "joy from the hardship of others".

Our next door neighbour, ever since we moved in, has always had a much nicer lawn than us. His lawn is always lush and green, weed-free, and mowed to a perfect length. He's out there every day during the summer watering it. Having read up on lawn care when we got our house, I always said he was over-watering - the wisdom is that you should water once a week, an inch of water at a time. If you water more often, it makes the lawn dependent on the water and weakens it. However, his lawn always looked far better than ours even though I was following the conventional wisdom and he was not.

Well, the worm has turned. This is a picture of our front lawn - the neighbour's half is on the left and our half is on the right. Who's got a nicer lawn now? *evil laugh* (I know come mid-summer, his lawn will look better again - I have to enjoy this moment of triumph while it lasts!)

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