Wednesday, April 05, 2006

RNA Soldiers of Pain

A few weeks back, my husband got the flu, or something. He was feeling better somewhere around March 16 or so, if his blog is any indication. Well, at first when he got sick, I was paranoid about catching his illness. I moved into the guest room so he wouldn't breathe on me during the night (and also so I could sleep despite his coughing). We didn't kiss for weeks. And it seemed like it worked! I was healthy. Until Wednesday last week. Which, for the record, is almost exactly 2 weeks after he recovered. I was mildly sick on both Wednesday and Thursday (I worked a half-day both days, but by noon was too wiped out to continue). Friday it struck with a vengeance and I was horribly ill for 4 days straight (which you'll note includes the weekend). Today's the first day I've felt close to normal, but I'm still coughing a lot and feeling kind of weak.

My husband referred to his disease in his blog as "RNA soldiers of pain" which I thought was horribly clever. And now that I've lived through it, horribly apt as well. Now my only wish is that it IS the same disease that he had - because if it's not, he's likely going to be in for another round, and he won't be pleased about that.

Thank goodness I prepared my "Flash Your Stash" post well ahead of time and saved it as a draft, or there would have been no flashing from this blogger. I was even too sick to play Oblivion, which is my new videogame obsession. The fights tired me out. Yes. Twiddling a small knob on a videogame controller was too strenuous for me in my weakened condition.

I'm pleased to say that I seem to be well on the mend. I would even go to work tomorrow, but I've got no meetings, so I think it's better to stay home in case I'm still contagious. I was able to work a full day from home both yesterday and today, which is good.

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