Thursday, April 13, 2006

So, I was sitting here, finishing up a beer and surfing the web. I was feeling a little grumpy, for some reason. So I decided, randomly, to go see what was at (I don't recommend going there unless you have a pop-up blocker - Firefox blocked a popup when I went there, and if it's like other portal sites, it probably has more than one popup.)

(Click on the picture to see it full-sized. I'm afraid if I post it full-sized in the body of my post it won't fit in with the sidebar and everything.)

Is that hilarious or what? First of all, someone registered it as one of those portal sites, which isn't really entirely unexpected. But what cracks me up is the links they chose. Some of them are predictable, like "Depressed Teen", or "Ways to Commit Suicide" (although that one is rather disturbing!). The ones I like best are "Christian Singles" and "Russian Brides". OK, Russian Brides may want to kill themselves because they have to marry some unattractive American guy. But Christian singles? Is it really THAT bad being a Christian single?

In other news, I was researching backpacking books at Amazon today, and one woman gave the book I was looking at a 2 star review, because the author stated that people should not bring a gun with them when they go hiking. She said she liked the rest of the book all right, but she took real offense to that statement, which prompted her to go to Amazon and give the book a poor review. I can understand if this woman thinks bringing a gun hiking is the thing to do (personally, I would never, but whatever). But I can't understand slamming an entire backpacking book because of one sentence about guns. Seems a little extreme.

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