Sunday, April 30, 2006

Not much to report

Not much has been going on this week worth blogging about. Turns out, after my long walk last weekend, I came down with a bad cold. Maybe that's why the walk was so difficult for me - I probably had a cold and didn't realize it yet.

I did go on a business trip this week, which was fun. I got to see my friend Aly who lives in Cincinnati, so I hardly ever see her. And she bought me chai latte and a chocolate bar! She's so sweet. :) I also went on a mission to get my best friend some dental floss we can't find here in Canada any more (that reminds me, I need to get it into the mail!).

Yesterday we went geocaching, and couldn't find the cache, because we didn't know how to use one of the features on our GPS! I think we'll go back and try again today.

No real knitting news to report. I casted on for a tea cozy, but it's nothing to look at yet, so I won't post a picture. I'm still plugging away at the forever sweater. I'm officially changing its name from Branching Rib Pullover to Forever Sweater. Maybe it'll be done by the time winter returns.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

11 km

I just walked 11 km. I feel totally drained. I know part of it is because it was so chilly outside, and even though I've been home for an hour, I still feel cold inside.

The Bruce trail is longer than 11 km.

Saturday, April 15, 2006


14-04-06_0913.jpg, originally uploaded by spudd.

Skadeglädje is a Swedish word which means "joy from the hardship of others".

Our next door neighbour, ever since we moved in, has always had a much nicer lawn than us. His lawn is always lush and green, weed-free, and mowed to a perfect length. He's out there every day during the summer watering it. Having read up on lawn care when we got our house, I always said he was over-watering - the wisdom is that you should water once a week, an inch of water at a time. If you water more often, it makes the lawn dependent on the water and weakens it. However, his lawn always looked far better than ours even though I was following the conventional wisdom and he was not.

Well, the worm has turned. This is a picture of our front lawn - the neighbour's half is on the left and our half is on the right. Who's got a nicer lawn now? *evil laugh* (I know come mid-summer, his lawn will look better again - I have to enjoy this moment of triumph while it lasts!)

Thursday, April 13, 2006

So, I was sitting here, finishing up a beer and surfing the web. I was feeling a little grumpy, for some reason. So I decided, randomly, to go see what was at (I don't recommend going there unless you have a pop-up blocker - Firefox blocked a popup when I went there, and if it's like other portal sites, it probably has more than one popup.)

(Click on the picture to see it full-sized. I'm afraid if I post it full-sized in the body of my post it won't fit in with the sidebar and everything.)

Is that hilarious or what? First of all, someone registered it as one of those portal sites, which isn't really entirely unexpected. But what cracks me up is the links they chose. Some of them are predictable, like "Depressed Teen", or "Ways to Commit Suicide" (although that one is rather disturbing!). The ones I like best are "Christian Singles" and "Russian Brides". OK, Russian Brides may want to kill themselves because they have to marry some unattractive American guy. But Christian singles? Is it really THAT bad being a Christian single?

In other news, I was researching backpacking books at Amazon today, and one woman gave the book I was looking at a 2 star review, because the author stated that people should not bring a gun with them when they go hiking. She said she liked the rest of the book all right, but she took real offense to that statement, which prompted her to go to Amazon and give the book a poor review. I can understand if this woman thinks bringing a gun hiking is the thing to do (personally, I would never, but whatever). But I can't understand slamming an entire backpacking book because of one sentence about guns. Seems a little extreme.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Bruce, you will be mine (maybe)

First, an update on the illness front. I'm feeling much, much better. I do still have a nagging cough, and don't feel up to anything strenuous, but I'm hoping that too will be gone in a few days. Whew! It's great to feel like a human again.

Now on to the meat of the post. I enjoy listening to audiobooks in the car, while I commute. The book I'm listening to at the moment is A Walk in the Woods, by Bill Bryson. It's an excellent book, about an out-of-shape middle-aged man (the author) who decides to hike the entire Appalachian trail (which is over 2000 miles or kilometers long - probably miles, since he's American). Then, the other day at breakfast, I read a blurb in Explore magazine about a guy who ran the Bruce trail end-to-end in 15 days (700 km). Crazy, right? Well, those two things have somehow combined themselves to inspire me to walk the Bruce trail end-to-end.

Now, I'm not crazy enough to think I'll do it in one shot. Kenneth and I are not exactly pinnacles of fitness, and we have little to no camping experience. I'm thinking we'll do a week a year, for 7 years, and that should do it. That would mean walking for less than 20 km a day, which I think should be doable.

Kenneth is game, but prefers we stay at motels rather than lugging a tent and sleeping bags through the woods. I tend to agree, but I don't know if it's feasible to expect to find a motel at the end of each day. I suspect we will likely have to camp. The next step in the master plan is to buy a trail guide, and start doing some plotting.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

RNA Soldiers of Pain

A few weeks back, my husband got the flu, or something. He was feeling better somewhere around March 16 or so, if his blog is any indication. Well, at first when he got sick, I was paranoid about catching his illness. I moved into the guest room so he wouldn't breathe on me during the night (and also so I could sleep despite his coughing). We didn't kiss for weeks. And it seemed like it worked! I was healthy. Until Wednesday last week. Which, for the record, is almost exactly 2 weeks after he recovered. I was mildly sick on both Wednesday and Thursday (I worked a half-day both days, but by noon was too wiped out to continue). Friday it struck with a vengeance and I was horribly ill for 4 days straight (which you'll note includes the weekend). Today's the first day I've felt close to normal, but I'm still coughing a lot and feeling kind of weak.

My husband referred to his disease in his blog as "RNA soldiers of pain" which I thought was horribly clever. And now that I've lived through it, horribly apt as well. Now my only wish is that it IS the same disease that he had - because if it's not, he's likely going to be in for another round, and he won't be pleased about that.

Thank goodness I prepared my "Flash Your Stash" post well ahead of time and saved it as a draft, or there would have been no flashing from this blogger. I was even too sick to play Oblivion, which is my new videogame obsession. The fights tired me out. Yes. Twiddling a small knob on a videogame controller was too strenuous for me in my weakened condition.

I'm pleased to say that I seem to be well on the mend. I would even go to work tomorrow, but I've got no meetings, so I think it's better to stay home in case I'm still contagious. I was able to work a full day from home both yesterday and today, which is good.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

It's Flash Your Stash Day

On my knitting forum, today is Flash Your Stash day. On March 11, I spent several hours organizing my stash. Some of it was desperately scary. Lots of unlabeled, unknown yarns left over from who-knows-what. Lots of 100% acrylic. Huge bunches of Bernat Handicrafter Cotton, in colours that don't match. Why did I think it would be a good idea to buy those and attempt to crochet (which I've never gotten the hang of) an afghan out of colours that don't match?

There's some nice stuff too. There's stuff I forgot I had. It's pretty neat seeing it all laid out in all its glory.

Here's the whole nine yards. OK, let's face it, there's a lot more than nine yards here. In fact, if my geeky calculations on my knitting spreadsheet (credit goes to Trillian42 for creating this masterpiece) are correct, I have over 11,000 yards. The basket in the upper left corner of the picture is where I keep all my oddballs. One of these days, I'll have to make some kind of stash-busting afghan to get rid of all the oddballs. I really do have a lot.

The yarn in pristine plastic bags near the front is the yarn I got at the Kertzer warehouse sale. The link leads you to my blog entry about that, with more pictures, so I won't bother to re-photograph them up close for this one.

This is a 100% cotton yarn I bought at a craft show and sale quite some time ago. I got discouraged with it, because the directions say that you have to knit a big gauge swatch and then machine wash and dry it and measure how much it shrinks. This is actually a good thing, because it means that the finished product will be machine-washable. But I just don't enjoy knitting it much, and I'm nervous about trusting my gauge swatch.

The company that made it (Summit Yarns) has since gone out of business, or at least, their website listed on the yarn labels no longer exists. So these are kind of a collector's item.

And finally, who can resist free yarn? Bernat was offering a free ball of Disco to anyone who signed up on their website. I had to do it. But now that I have it, I'm at a loss. To make things worse, the name of this colour is "Mr. Brown". Doesn't that sound appealing? NOT.

I'm thinking I may make a cat toy or stuffed animal of some kind. Either that, or I'll make my husband a fun fur thong. Yeah. That's the ticket. I think this will be resting in my stash for quite some time before I feel inspired to knit it up.