Monday, January 23, 2006

Election Day

Today's the day. Kenneth and I walked over to the polling station after supper and cast our votes, thereby fulfilling both our civic duty and my exercise commitment for the day.

Apparently in Sweden, casting a blank vote or voting for Donald Duck is a common way to express your dissatisfaction with the candidates available. I looked at my ballot tonight and discovered that it is not possible to write in a candidate - you can only select one of the candidates who is actually running. This morning on the radio I heard that spoiling your ballot is illegal, so I wondered if casting a blank vote would also be illegal. To that end, I went to the Elections Canada website to learn the truth. In the process, I learned that it is illegal to eat your ballot. It is apparently legal to cast a blank vote - as discussed here.

We had a surprising number of candidates running in our riding. I think there were 6 altogether. The Liberal put up his signs around the neighbourhood the day the election was announced. The Green Party put theirs up a week or two later. The Conservative didn't bother until a few days ago. But there were 3 parties (NDP, Libertarian, and Progressive Canadian, I think) who didn't even put up signage at all. Actually, I'm slightly lying - I did see one small, lonely NDP sign when we were out shopping the other day. I wonder how many votes the guys from the Libertarian and Progressive Canadians will get, since they didn't bother campaigning at all. They didn't even send a pamphlet in the mail.

Now it's time to sit back and watch the election results roll in. Let the fun begin!

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