Saturday, December 03, 2005

I decided to stop being lazy

Well, sort of. I spent the entire morning playing online poker, reading forums, and updating my blog template. And I got off my lazy butt and photographed the finished objects and yarn I was talking about in my last entry.

Let's start off with some pictures of Fosco with his injured foot:

The bandage (see the cute little hearts they put on for him?):

The whole cat (note our house is protected by ADT *and* a fierce guard-cat):

And now for the knitting related content. Here's the hat/scarf set I made for Kenneth's grandma. It's the "Check 'n Garter Stitch Set" from Patons "Cool Weather Accessories" book. I wasn't sure the brown/blue would be a good combination, but it worked. My only real complaint with how these turned out is that my blue yarn was a slightly different gauge than the brown, so the blue stripes are a slightly different width than the brown. This was my first experience with mosaic knitting, and I think I like it! I don't really like that there's a right side and wrong side to the scarf - I feel like scarves should be double-sided. But that's a minor quibble.

I think I should stop here since this post is already pretty long. I'll post about my yarn sale buys another time.

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