Monday, November 28, 2005

XBox 360 Convert

I wasn't that excited when my husband started ranting and raving months ago about the new XBox 360. I've played the XBox, and it's fun, but I never got entranced by it like he did. He signed up literally months in advance for an XBox pre-order, and got his new XBox 360 the first day they shipped.

And I was like, "That's nice honey". It looked nice and all, sitting there in its cabinet. Much sleeker and prettier than the klunky old XBox. And so it stayed for a few days. Until one day, I don't even remember how it happened... Kenneth showed me this game called Hexic. And I played it, and it was fun. And addictive. And then he downloaded another game called Zuma. It was even *more* fun. And even more addictive. And then I got bored with both of those and decided to give "Perfect Dark Zero" a try. It's a first-person shooter, action game. You have to run around on missions and kill bad guys. I normally don't like that kind of game so much. It was fun too! Oh, and he gave me my own XBox Live identity, so I can have my own friends list, and my own username and avatar and stuff. I think I'm officially hooked.

My only hope is that the joy will wear off. I'm sure it will, eventually. I mean, I haven't played the Sims for months now. If the Sims can wear off, surely the XBox 360 can wear off too.

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