Thursday, November 24, 2005

Wow, long time no post

Obviously I'm a horrible blogger. It's been nearly a month since I last updated.

So, highlights of the last month:

1. Trip to Phoenix
My friend Moira and I spent almost a week in Phoenix, Arizona, in mid-November. Let me tell you, mid-November is a fantastic time to go there. The weather was beautiful. The city is really nice. It feels very open, and there was minimal traffic. We did get caught in traffic on the highway a couple of times, but it was nothing compared to Toronto traffic. In Toronto, if you get off the highway to avoid the traffic, it's even worse on the side streets. But in Phoenix it was clear sailing on the side streets. I brought "the lady" with me. She's my portable GPS device. We call her "the lady" because the voice that speaks to tell you when to turn is female. The lady was a great help getting around.
We did tons of shopping, and both spent probably way too much money. My vice was yarn - I went nuts at a yarn store and spent a fortune. Hers was hair ornaments. She spent about as much on hair ornaments as I did on yarn. Hehe.
We also saw the zoo and botanical gardens, and went to the Heard Museum, which is all about the native Americans. Another highlight was the Spanish Market at the museum, which is an arts & crafts show held once a year (just happened to be the weekend we were there!). Oh, and of course IHOP is always a highlight of a trip to the US with Moira. :)

2. Yarn Warehouse Sale
I saw on my knitting mailing list that Kertzer was having a warehouse sale in my neck of the woods. It was actually walking distance from the dealership where I get my car maintained. So while my car was getting its oil changed, Kenneth and I trudged over to the warehouse sale. I got about 3 sweaters plus 1 scarf's worth of yarn (32 balls altogether) for about $100. I spent more than that on the one sweaters' worth I bought in Phoenix! Now I'm all stocked up.

3. Fosco's injury
My cat, Fosco, somehow managed to injure one of his hind feet (when we went to the vet, I called it his back foot and she corrected me - "hind"). I don't know how he did it, but one of his toenails was completely ripped off, and the other one was pointing at a 90 degree angle to where it was supposed to be. The vet had to give him a local anaesthetic and then rip off the nail. Then they bandaged up his foot in a cute blue bandage. I'll post a picture later if I remember. He gets the bandage off today. He's on antibiotics for a few more days, to prevent it from getting infected.

4. Winter Wonderland
We got our first real snow of the season last night! It snowed about 5 cm, I think. I got my exercise for today by shoveling the driveway before work this morning. The drive in wasn't too bad. All is well. I know come March I'll be whining about the snow, but right now it doesn't seem too annoying at all. In fact, I kinda like it.

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Welcome back to the land of sort-of-active bloggers, Spudd! ;)