Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Work irritations

So, at work, I somehow got suckered into working on a business-critical, high-profile (BCHP for short) project. I was working on it this week, when my boss told me to put it aside for the rest of the week in favor of another project which he wants to get done sooner. OK. So then the chick I'm working with on the BCHP project starts IM-ing me this afternoon, pestering me about her project. I tell her I can't work on it this week because I need to work on the other project. She tells me it's business critical and high profile, so I need to write an email explaining all my issues to her boss, so he can "escalate it". So I spent much of this afternoon arguing with her and writing said email - so I've gotten nothing done on either the project my boss wanted me to do OR the BCHP project.

That old saying "a slave with two masters is a free man" certainly doesn't apply here.

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