Wednesday, October 12, 2005


This weekend was Thanksgiving. It was so nice. We had an awesome turkey dinner which I was largely responsible for (mainly in an effort to avoid doing the dishes after!). Even the gravy seems to have been a success, which is impressive. Of course we forgot the cranberry sauce (it was on the table, but nobody passed it), but that's tradition. As my dad said, "You're bound to forget it, it's just a question of *where* you forget it". The only down side was we were planning to have carrots, but they had gone bad in the fridge, so we had to have peas instead. And when that's the only down side, you know it was a decent meal.

I was feeling under the weather (a cold) so I laid pretty low all weekend aside from cooking the dinner. Lots and lots of TV watching.

I'm feeling weird today. I'm still getting over the cold, so I expected to be feeling tired and blah. But half my face hurts. I suspect it's probably due to stress - I have a tendency to clench my teeth when I'm stressed, and I was stressed yesterday. I need to focus on not clenching them today and see if my face stops hurting. Such a weird thing.

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Ian said...

That's funny about your teeth clenching. I clench my teeth in my sleep and wake up with my jaw hurting and a headache every now and then.

What could we POSSIBLY be stressed about in our lives?