Monday, October 24, 2005

Blogger Poker Tournament

On Sunday afternoon, I played in the Blogger Poker tournament at PokerStars. I've only been playing poker online for maybe a month or so. I didn't expect to do very well. But I got super lucky and at one point I was in second place out of over 1200 people! There were 1400-ish entrants overall, but by the time I hit it big, the field was down to 1200. Unfortunately, I then managed to piss away all my winnings by making foolish bets, thinking "Oh, I can afford it!". Yeah. I couldn't. I came in about 325th, I think, out of 1400 people, which is still pretty darn good for a newbie!

Interestingly enough, it was Wil Wheaton who got me started playing at PokerStars. Not personally, of course. But he kept blabbering on about it in his blog, and after a while, I thought what the heck, I'll download it and play the free games. And then after a few free games, I thought, what the heck, I'll deposit $50 and play for money. Heh. So anyways, at one point, Wil himself ended up sitting at my table! That was my brush with fame. And I outlasted him, which I thought was pretty cool, since he's been playing poker way longer than I have.

I was sooo hoping to win an XBox 360 for my DH, since he's rabid to get one as soon as they come out. But I would've had to come in like 8th-15th or something to win one. When you come in 325th, they don't give you a prize. ;)

I don't have any really interesting hand recaps, except for one. I had basically nothing - an ace and something else I can't even remember. A jack, maybe. Anyways, the flop came out (the cards in the middle of the table that everyone shares) and they were all really low. The guy sitting beside me was betting a LOT. But he had previously shown his cards many times when he had basically nothing, so I figured he was bluffing. I kept calling him. Eventually all 5 cards were on the table and they were all low (like 7 or less), but nothing matched what I had in my hand. So my official poker hand was an Ace High, which is basically one of the worst hands you can have. He bet an amount that was equal to all the money I had left. I called, meaning I was all in. If I lost, I'd be out of the tournament. Well, I guess you can see what's coming here. He WAS bluffing. He had a 10 high! So I won a huge pot. It was very exciting. I was yelling and screaming like I'd just won the lottery.

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