Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Why am I so lazy?

Lately it seems like when I get home from work, I don't want to do anything but lay in a heap and watch TV or play The Sims 2. I have all these plans of things I want to accomplish, but I never actually accomplish any of them.

1. Build a new front page for my forum.
2. Upgrade my forum to the latest phpbb version.
3. Take pictures of my newest knitted objects and post them on my blog.
4. Upload the highlights of my Spain/Portugal/Morocco pictures to the web for friends and family. This one has been on the list since early June!
5. Practice Swedish with my husband.
6. Do chores. Luckily I'm okay at the moment with welching on this one because I have a house husband right now who does 99% of the chores.

My goal for tonight is to go for a walk after dinner, but before collapsing into a heap.


Ian said...

Huh. Stupid spammers. You ought to file charges.

Anyway, did you intentionally break the link to THF? It reads as www,talkhealthy.com


Sue said...

My bad! Fixed now.