Monday, July 04, 2005

Urban Challenge

This weekend we went to visit friends in Ottawa. The main reason for our visit was because on Sunday, Mike (my best friend's husband) and Mike (his best friend) were running a race called the Urban Challenge. The Urban Challenge is a race where teams of 2 (in our case, Mike & Mike, aka The Moops) compete to be the first to complete 12 checkpoints. There is a clue (often fiendishly difficult) that tells the teams the location of each checkpoint. They need to run to each checkpoint in order, and have their picture taken at the checkpoint. Then they return to home base. My husband and I were part of the internet support team for The Moops. The racers called in (and camera-phone emailed pictures as well) the clues. We used the internet to try and solve them as quickly as possible so we could tell the racers where to go next.

And they won! They came in first, 25 minutes ahead of team #2! We were shocked and amazed (in a good way, of course) that they did so well. And it's all thanks to us! LOL.

Bonus: They won some gift certificates to the Running Room and gave us $50 worth! Woo hoo!

They were also the #1 fundraising team, having raised over $1700 for Big Brothers, Big Sisters. For that, they each won a Motorola V551! Just like my phone, only with 2 extra buttons and the ability to record videos. Not that I was coveting them or anything. ;)

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