Sunday, July 17, 2005

That's sorted, then

First off - where I got the title of this post.

Want to Get Sorted?

I'm a Ravenclaw!

And now for the rest.

Today's my 6th wedding anniversary. Hubby and I are blogging about it simultaneously. Ah, modern romance.

We started the day by exchanging gifts. I got him a gift certificate to MEC, which stands for Mountain Equipment Coop, and as far as I know, is the only place to buy rock climbing gear in Toronto. Also, I got him Jade Empire and the screenplay for Network, which apparently is a classic example of how to write a good screenplay. The Network screenplay was actually part of a compilation so he got 3 screenplays for the price of one. He liked everything. Go me!

In return, I got a $200 gift certificate to a local spa, a box of trail mix, and some Lindt chocolate. I was quite satisfied. :) My only concern is it seems the spa might go bankrupt any day. Hubby said that when he went in to look around, nobody was there, except for the person working there. And 3 weeks later when he went back to buy the gift certificate, the person remembered him, and again, nobody was there. Plus, their flyer claims they have a website, but when you go there they haven't actually put anything up.

After the gifting, we went for breakfast at the Rock n' Roll Diner, a new restaurant in our area. It's pretty cute. It's all done up like a 50's diner and some of the booths even have a TV right in the booth, and you can change the channel and stuff.

Then we went to the Star Trek convention for a while. They had a deal where you could stay for up to 2 hours for $10, so we did that. It was kinda boring, honestly. The art show was interesting but it was fairly small. I would have liked to see someone speak, but none of the guest stars I recognized were speaking while we were there. We did see a fair number of fans dressed up in costume though. One guy was dressed as a hobbit and he looked awesome. We also saw a great Mal, from Firefly/Serenity.

Once we'd had enough geekiness, we headed downtown to MEC, where we spent money with impunity. We each got a climbing harness (I got the Black Diamond Momentum), shoes (Mad Rock Frenzy for me (nice name, eh?)), and a chalk bag and chalk.

Then we had lunch at IKEA (strange choice, I know - we didn't want to buy anything - just went there for lunch) and came home. It was a good day.

I'm hoping we can go rock climbing soon and try out all the new gear. :)

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Happy Anniversary!