Friday, July 08, 2005

General Update

I'm getting better and more confident at my new job. And am also starting to like it more - probably because I know feel like at least I have a clue what I'm doing. And, we got a new hire in our group, so it's not just me and my boss any more. So work-wise things are looking up.

At home, Kenneth is still being a fabulous house husband. Last night he cooked dinner - chicken dogs for the main course, followed by homemade apple/banana fruit salad with yogurt mixed in - yum! I was impressed. We ate out back on our mini-patio in our Muskoka chairs (Adirondack chairs, for the Americans). It was so nice. Unfortunately, he opened a beer for me, when what I really wanted was red wine, because I opened a bottle a few days ago and it's not getting drunk very fast. But that's OK.

We seem to have mended fences with our neighbours. We told them we were going on vacation, and they mowed the lawn for us while we were gone. So I wrote them a thank-you card to thank them. They seemed so happy about it! Next time dh mowed our lawn, he mowed theirs too (they're connected, so it only takes like 5 more minutes to do theirs too). They seemed really happy about that too. Well, there's a tree on our side of the property line. It had these ugly juniper bushes around its base. I'd been thinking of getting rid of them basically since we moved in, but hadn't gotten around to it, because it seemed like a huge job. The neighbour spontaneously volunteered to remove them! And then he planted flowers and put up stone edging around the tree. Our neighbour rocks.

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