Friday, April 15, 2005

Spring is here at last

Our crocuses are up and blooming (see picture at top of page), the daffodils are thinking about it, and the tulips are leafing.

At work, I sit in the basement. In the coffee room, there's a window. Through it you can see a "courtyard" that is about 2 feet above the level of our floor. The courtyard is underground too, but doesn't have a roof over it. So we can see the sky (barely) through the window. It's cheering to me to see that the bushes in the courtyard are starting to leaf out, and it looks like there may be a couple of daffodils or something coming up as well.

I like making what I call "Weekend Lists of Goals". If I don't have goals, I wind up playing the Sims or watching TV the whole time. Here's this weekend's list (I'm striking them out as I complete them):
  1. Do taxes
  2. Rake lawn
  3. Go to garden centre and buy aeration sandals
  4. Aerate lawn
  5. Send packages (books to return that I borrowed from people)
  6. Finish knitting the baby set I'm working on
  7. Call my friend
  8. Burn more CDs of my audiobook - I'm fresh out so now I can't listen in the car
  9. Last but not least - go geocaching

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