Sunday, April 03, 2005


I'm sitting here eating Peanut Smarties instead of real food. I think I'm getting a little high on chocolate.

We're planning a big 2-week-or-so trip to Spain this summer. Hubby's dad has an apartment there, so we'll stay with him for several days, and then go road-tripping around seeing the rest of the country. (OK, not the whole thing, but selected highlights.)

So we're thinking of this as an itinerary (more or less):

Arrive Alicante
Stay with hubby's dad (3-4 days)
Granada (1 day)
Gibraltar (2 days incl Morocco)
Maybe Morocco
Seville (1 day)
Algarve (2 days)
Toledo (1 day)
Madrid (2 days)
Back again

If anyone's been there done that - please let me know if you think this looks doable or if it's too ambitious.

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