Sunday, September 05, 2004

Long weekend, baby!

Whoever invented Labour Day, I commend you.

It's such a great feeling knowing it's Sunday afternoon and the weekend's only half over.

Running update since last entry:

Tuesday: 2 mile run/walk
Wednesday: rest day (this was optional)
Thursday: was supposed to be 2 mile run, but I bailed
Friday: rest day
Saturday: cross training - this turned out to be walking around and to/from the CNE for about 4 hours or so.
Sunday: 35 minute run/walk

I bolded the entries where I actually stuck to the plan.


KM said...

Wednesday was a rest day. Yet it's not bolded. Does that mean you did go runing on that day? And if yes, how far did you go?

Sue said...

It *is* bolded. It means I rested. :)