Wednesday, November 26, 2003

This is the dishwasher we ordered: Kitchen-Aid KUDI01ILWH. This is the dishwasher they delivered: GE PDW7712JSS. It looks nice! And, it has a higher suggested retail value than the one we ordered.

To make myself feel better I looked in Consumer Reports. While they didn't review the exact model we got delivered to our house, the two GE dishwashers they did review were rated lower than the KitchenAid we ordered. And, they cost more.

I already called to complain and have them switch it. They're coming tonight (a week after the first delivery) to switch it. Then we'll get it installed on Friday. So we'll have had a big dishwasher in a box sitting in our kitchen for a week and a half by the time it finally gets installed.

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