Wednesday, August 06, 2003

I need to remember to do this more regularly. I'm on a business trip again, apparently this is where I get most of my best blogging done.

Last weekend we went to a cottage party, and I got 2 more dives under my belt. They weren't very deep, but my buoyancy control was pretty good, and I feel a lot more confident about diving on the cruise. It might be fun to go diving again before we go but I doubt we'll have a chance. I have a red bumpy rash all over my arms now, from the weeds in the lake. It's annoying.

I got a lot of stuff accomplished at home on Monday. Unpacked everything from the trip and cleaned out the coolers. Laid the scuba gear out to dry in the back yard. Tidied the floor upstairs. Vacuumed upstairs (including the mattress and pillows). Changed the bedding. Did the laundry. Weeded a bit in the back yard. I was pretty pleased with myself. Oh, I also mended the buttons on my 2 pairs of shorts - they were poorly sewn on and I made them a lot more secure.

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