Monday, July 21, 2003

Back from the trip. It was a busy busy week! While I was gone I found out there was an opening for the open water scuba training this weekend. Thursday night the plane landed at 6pm and Kenneth picked me up. We drove directly to the scuba store so I could try on the rental wetsuit and buy a mask and snorkel. That took most of the evening. Friday after work we went home, packed, and drove to Tobermory. Didn't get there till 11:30pm! Saturday and Sunday were completely full with scuba training. I'm a certified diver now, though! Yay! Between the business trip and the scuba diving I haven't really had a moment's rest.

This summer has been so incredibly busy. I haven't had time to weed the garden. The house is pretty dirty. The lawn is long. It's a sad state of affairs. Tonight we have to return the scuba gear but other than that we have no plans, so hopefully I'll be able to get something done around the house. I think weeding will be my first priority - that garden is looking SAD.

Monday, July 14, 2003

I'm away on a business trip this week. Last night I was packing for the trip and I think Gray (the cat) decided he didn't want me to go! (Sorry for the large image, I was in a rush when I uploaded it and I forgot to shrink it! Now I don't have access to the home computer to shrink it so we're stuck with it like this.)

Over the weekend we went to see Legally Blonde 2. It was cute, but definitely not as good as I remember the first one to be. I felt the characters were too over-the-top this time - it was like they took the characters from the first movie and exaggerated them.

I'm trying to decide what to do with my evening. I think I'll go do a bit of shopping - I'm hoping I can find some deals at TJ Maxx. Then exercise, then watch either Paradise Hotel or For Love or Money. Neither is particularly appealing, but I feel like watching TV. Maybe I'll just read Harry Potter in the hot tub instead. We'll have to see.

Thursday, July 10, 2003

Last night my camera broke. First day of trying to use it for real. Luckily, the Radio Shack at the mall had another one so I was able to exchange it today for a fresh one.

Here's the first picture we took (with the first camera):

That puddle looks like a dude!

Here are a couple of images we got off the new camera (it was the floor model):

Artist's Brown Shoe

Disgruntled Radio Shack Shopper

Tuesday, July 08, 2003

It looks like I'll need to get Blogger Pro to be able to upload pictures automatically. I may have to switch blog providers, because picture blogging is quite important to me. At least now I have comments figured out.
Today I got a new digital camera. It's very sweet. It's really small, and takes poor quality pictures. But I'll be able to carry it everywhere and post pictures here - once I figure out how.