Monday, August 26, 2002

We went to the CNE this weekend! Just like I hoped! We saw the Eukaneuba Superdogs, about 10 minutes after we arrived. It was OK. I ate cotton candy. It was very sweet. I petted a sheep. Its hair was very thick and woolly. I also petted goats, a chicken, a llama, and a donkey or two. I put money into a machine that made a duck play the piano. Kenneth did the same thing to make a rooster shoot baskets. It's kinda cruel, but it's fun. It was a long day but a good day. It was expensive though. $75 down the drain. Of course, $20 of that I lost at Crown & Anchor. What a goof I am.

Tonight's our final baseball game. I'm hoping and praying that we have enough players. We've got 7 confirmed. It would suck if we had to default our final game! Update: Brett just phoned and he can make it tonight. That makes 8 players, which is definitely enough. And Brett's a great player too, so we may even have a chance to win.

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